About us

Cortex Technologies Corporation is a fully owned subsidiary of Concepcion Industrial Corporation and was established in 2017 as part of CIC's long-term vision to make innovation a core strength of the business.



We are dedicated to exploring emerging technology and working with entrepreneurs and strategic partners to innovate and commercialize new business models, products, and services.



We incubate talent and ideas, giving it the freedom to openly explore avenues of research and development and allowing it to partner with entrepreneurs, industry leaders, academe and government to produce solutions that can make a real difference in the lives of the everyday Filipino.



Be an agent of change

Rather than waiting for it to happen

We actively seek out change.

Customers come first

Then the company . . . then the team . . .

THEN YOU . . . In every decision and action.

Don't sell out the future

A quick win today is shortsighted

We play the long game.

Go big or go home

Think BIG . . . add a few zeroes

Change the world.

Everyone is a leader

Leadership isn’t about titles or positions

It’s about influencing others.

Learning is forever

You must be your own teacher

Learning is a life-long responsibility.

No man left Behind

Never leave a fellow contributor without support

We always have each other's back.

Smart spending

Regardless of how successful we will be

We will always be economical with our resources.

Pull the trigger

Thinking fast and deciding fast Is better than analysis paralysis.


Our Talent Event has ended. However, if you still wish to apply, send over your resume to career@cortex.ph and we will be glad to get in touch.

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Think Big, Speak up and Let's Get It Done - we encourage you to reach out to us and ask.

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