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CORTEX understands that technology is only part of the solution, not the whole solution; and that true advancement requires real people with passion and courage. We understands that true innovation requires an environment that fosters creative thinking, risk taking, and a special kind of drive; so,

  • We bring together talent from a diverse range of backgrounds to see how technology can be applied to everyday problems in a way that is unique, exciting and innovative;

  • We embrace the innovation spirit of radical thinking, rapid and agile development, and quickly finding what works and what doesn’t;

  • We worry more about cultivating brilliant ideas, bringing concepts to market quickly, and challenging the minds of our team, than we do about rigid organization structures and job titles;

  • We believe in fostering the talent of the individual, and allowing them to express themselves in whatever way they feel represents their truest self, and that every person has a skill or contribution that could be the difference between success and failure;

  • We encourage diversity in our team, and strongly feel that this helps bring new perspectives and fresh thinking to the table, and we’re passionate about nurturing the individual, so they have an opportunity to find purpose in their life while contributing to the betterment of society;

  • We believe that the Philippines has some of the best and brightest minds on the planet, with a proven record of entrepreneurship and determination that, when nurtured and focused, can produce amazing results